About Us!

Rapture Pracitce was formed just this past summer just after a church camp that we attended. We encountered an amazing drama group made up of seven members. This group so touched our lives that we decided we really wanted to form a group of our own, based on this group and a group that we had seen previously. The "Skit Guys" were this other group; made up of two members that added a touch of humor while teaching an important subject.

Our two members, Bobby and David, ages 16 and 15, have thought long and hard about this, and have now made the first connections toward this new drama group.

The name, "Rapture Practice", actually comes from something we learned from one of our very good friends. John Sullivan did this thing where everybody stood up, jumped, and came back to Earth. Well, he said one day, when the Lord calls for us, we won't come back, we will keep going on to heaven. Thus the name, "Rapture Pracitce". We are just preparing ourselves for when we face our judgement.

You can contact us through our email address RPDrama@aol.com