What's New?!

January 3, 2000: Well, everybody survived Y2K as of yet. I wasn't truly worried about it because I knew that the taxpayers had paid alot of money to fix the problem. Our first performance went well. We did perform Lockerroom for the youth group. We made a video entitled "Y2K: The Truth Is Out There." which is a spoof for many movies out right now. Page update: the backgrounds have all been changed, for better viewing.


November 29, 1999 I sent an email to the skit guys today. They are a group that we are modelling our group after. Maybe soon we can have a reply, and a backing from the source.

Also, the possible performance date of December 1, 1999 is in fact a first performance. I am not sure of the quality of this performance as of yet, but I am looking forward to this oppurtunity. We will probably be performing Locker Room, because we are the most familiar with it.

The skits page is up if you would like to take a look.



November 11,1999 Well, I finally made the switch to the new and faster server. Freeservers is so much faster than Homestead, and now I can use FTP. I learned how to do FTP over the month of October and it is alot easier to use.

As for RP, we made a big step in the formation of the group; we set up a meeting with our youth minister to set up some things and put things into motion. December 1, 1999 is the day in which the youth group takes a big step forward, and this could be a possible "first performance" for us.